Al-Iman Academy of Mobile (AAM) is based on the belief that the Muslim child – if he or she is to mature into a well-rounded, socially successful, spiritual human being – should be inspired to freely explore the harmony between creation and the Creator with the guidance of dedicated Muslim teachers and administrators. It is this balance of intellect and spirit that the AAM curriculum seeks to achieve, to educate our students in both the religious and secular sciences and arts. AAM strives to meet the crucial challenge of stimulating the minds of Muslim boys and girls, safeguarding their innocence in the midst of a society that in some areas has lost its moral compass, preserving the Islamic heritage and practices of their forbearers while preparing them for leadership in this society. AAM administrators and faculty feel strongly that it is the duty of parents to give their children the opportunity for academic growth in a safe and secure environment, as a means to spiritual and moral enlightenment according to the Qurān and model of the Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم). It is this experience that will prepare our children to lead wholesome, productive lives in America and the world at large as we head into the 21st Century.

Admission Policies

  1. New students:
    1. Proof of Birthday:
      1. To qualify for pre-K admission, a child must turn four years old on or before September 1st of the enrollment year.
      2. To qualify for Kindergarten admission, a child must turn five years old on or before September 1st of the enrollment year.
      3. Exceptions to the above age limits maybe considered on an individual basis after testing and evaluation by the Principal and acceptance by the Board of Directors.
    2. Immunization records:
      1. Alabama State Law requires that all students be current on their scheduled immunizations. Further information may be obtained from the Mobile County Health Department.
      2. New students are required to present their up-to-date immunization record prior to the start of school.
      3. Failure to stay current on required immunizations may constitute grounds for dismissal.
    3. Academic records:
      1. Copies of all prior records, academic and behavioral, must be submitted to the school office for registration to be complete before the beginning of the school year.
      2. The student’s records should clearly state that the student has passed and has been promoted to the subsequent grade for which admission is sought at Al-Iman Academy of Mobile.
      3. A school record release form to facilitate furnishing the student’srecords to other schools or colleges must be signed by the student’s parents or legal guardian.


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